Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Zorillo and Shelly" and "Gladius Games" Comics Finally Print Releasing

I've been working all winter long on a couple full length comics that are set to finally see print release just in time for Comicon season!

The first is "Zorillo and Shelly", which stars a dynamic duo that may seem eerily familiar until you get into the awkward love story and criminal artists angle the tale quickly projects its mutated chickengirl talons into. The aesthetic is some of the slickest and most complex inks I've ever done wrapped around a psychological challenge intent on tweaking the primacy of the modern heroine and electing to remain virtuous in a world of masked good and badgirls. Some personal subtexts and depth there if you're willing to look for it.

The second is "Gladius Games" which combines my modern loves of Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and a wee bit of the old Dungeons and Dragons beastiary. Its a more cinematic experience than most my work- widescreen and very detailed woodcut type linework style I scarcely have the patience or time for these days but I endure it. If you're familiar with my old Tinwoodsman series, this won't seem a far cry, dudes with axes to grind and a bevy of freaks to contend with along with some sexual and political intrigue on the side.

I'll be glad to see them in book form and out in the world for public consumption shortly. Naturally, I'll provide some teaser pages and the purchasing links once its all available on Amazon.

Posters And Prints of Poets and Princesses- Winter 2014

NorthEastern Illinois University Art Galley- where I work- is holding it's Annual Student Art Sale where I'll have a number of new posters for sale. All 17" X 11" colored pencils. Some of my older stuff will be in the mix as well. 

Gallery Shows change monthly and feature a number of professional showcases- from Sculptors of Maternity themes to Memebased Oldschool Printmaking and all points in between- so it's always worth coming in for a visit. 
This X-Hipsters piece won the cover contest for the schools Lit Mag- SEEDS- as well, so it'll shortly be in the hot little hands of several hundred of the schools finest creators, hopefully lending an air of exclusivity and superiority to all who behold its Pabst stained presence. 

The Princess Harem spun out of a Princess battling 
tournament gone awry. I enjoyed whipping up my slightly variant renditions of each- admittedly having always been something of an Ariel/Belle man, I've recently taken a shine to Jasmine/Mulan. I apologize for the lack of the Frozen girls, I finished this just before it released... I suspect I'll have to take a more comprehensive take on the concept once I've got my colored inks and watercolors straightened out. 

I've had Walking Dead and Game of Thrones rough cuts in the works for awhile- perhaps in time for next show, but I'm always open to suggestion. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Portraiture Post Ponderings

 As an artist one strives to be a jack of all trades. Which means knowing how to paint, watercolor, ink, sculpt, develop photographs, edit film, stitch fabrics, hack tree stumps, clip hair, melt small toy soldiers, spray tags, arrange food neatly upon thy plate and/or any other infinite amount of particular methodologies and variations thereof. Crafting the raw into the refined, evoking from the ether- beauty manifest. Becoming godlike in a world-making potential if only for a moment. 
  "Nick and Talin" 9"x12" Pencil on Bristol. 2012.

Before I broke boundaries into other tools I was a solely reliant master of the fifty shades of grey and penciling is still probably the most expressive means of me capturing a likeness, channeling a softness of character, mirroring the light of the eye. Usually my life drawings are more gestural, fleetingly stolen in a corner-of-the eye glance but when it comes to people I know- my family and friends, people whose character I admire and whose lives I cherish-it's more of a meditation upon their spirit, and capturing the focused-totality of their life spark, before casting it to the page in rough grooved pencils. 

                                                                   "Sofia" 9"x12" Pencil on Bristol. 2012.

I fancy myself a comic artist primarily but maintain my ability to channel the Renaissance Man of yore.  So while I'd really rather ink my version of an animated and distorted person in my own stylo than spend the time trying to reproduce God Himself's handiwork- it gets me closer to him. (Because its time consuming, evolving beauty takes positively eons.) Let a camera capture true life, as it is the best tool for the job and takes a  mere fraction of the time. Still, there's something to be said for eclipsing the uncanny valley of a photo-real depiction completely hewn by hands. Imposing the second dimension onto a supremely physical third and fourth dimensionally acting personnage is quite the challenge, I undertake it only with the greatest consideration. 

"Marion" 8.5" x11" Charcoal on Bristol. 2008.

When I draw something, I'm tinkering, figuring it out, trancing at the miracle of flesh and bone, fabric and stone, knitting it together on paper alone. Nothing grants the appreciation for bare reality like trying to reproduce it. Only a maker can possibly sympathize with thee Maker. So I live in the firm belief that all things are born of some kind of love. Above all let it be said, I drew what I loved and fell in love with whatever I drew. There's no helping it. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gallery Showing and Art Sale at NEIU

You can pick up prints of my latest montages at the NEIU Art Gallery this week. I've got all my old stuff including the Beatles Musical Montage, Alice in Wunderbar and Twilight Kiss as well as these newly finished Batman Rogues Gallery and Ninja Turtles Rogues Gallery. At $5 a pop, they surely shouldn't be missed and would make fine holiday presents for any comic art fan. Now that I've got these out of the way, what property should I take on next?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FINGER PUPPETS SEIZE TIN HAND, MAKE DEMANDS: "Nu moar bewbz, only catz plz."

Right. Updating the blerg ermagherds.

So its been a bit. I'm taller now.

What have I done since...

For starters I won the EnterVoid 2012 Invitational defeating 50 other incredibly talented artists in a bi weekly comic challenge bracket to take the top slot. I'll tell you none of these battles was easy- I had to bring my A-game every time. No collaboration, no prep time- only ink-slingin wizardry and my wits to stave off the mongrels armed with tablets and all manner of cybernetic chimeras with free time danglin out they wazoos and I COWBOYED UP SON. Did 80- some pages in two months. Last 25 pages in two weeks worth of sleepless nights fueled only by the desire to see it through to the bitter end.

Check out my Character Toro Joe and read all those comics here. Also check out my opponents work while you're at it. They all gave me a run for my money and I earned every inch.

Before that I wrapped up a five year story and character arc for the titular Tinwoodsman at ">War for Arcadia. . They run things a little differently there- massive overarching plots and collaborative efforts make for a more cohesive verse I find but they game got away from me. Did manage to make comics in all manner of sub-genres however- Weird Westerns, Epic 50paged clashes between Heaven and Hell, Gladiator Coliseum Battles, even Silent Bamboo Ninja Battles in Fish armor... Check em out, join the fight at the new Hollow City.

That's just the comics, otherwise its been the usual Con circuit, Drink n Draws,way too many unpaid commissions for tattoos, childs photos, SEVERAL LARGE PAINTINGS that shall never see the light of day, cooperative collaborations with my artistic cohorts, Anthology works, traveling Europe with fellow artists... mostly playing vidja gaymes in all honesty.

PODCASTS- Talking comics, Reviewing Joe the Barbarian and such: VOIDCAST #3

Hit up my DeviantArt page I also never update but hordes of my comic making peers do so pursue them instead.


What's upcoming: No plans for any further arts of any kind being made. THE PUPPETS HAVE SHPOKEN.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

WizardWorld ComiCon:Living the Dream

This time will be different. Two years ago I attended WizardWorld and showed my portfolio (which was admittedly rather amateur) to a number of my comic artist idols- and what I came away with was that I had a long way to go towards going pro. I've leveled up since, a good consistent 5 hours a day of practice can do that to a fella. So I'm interested in hearing what they'll have to say this time around.

I am setting goals. In a years time I want four different books done, each a different genre, a variant of my style. I want to have my inking totally figured out- since starting the process five months ago I think I've picked up speed and accuracy. I want to have a decent handle on digital color and tablet work. By C2E2 next year I want a table, and obviously at Wizardworld I'll have one as well if I continue to develop my talent and put out work that is worthy of public consumption. Let's see what this weekend brings for a start, and let that be the first step on the long journey.

More Hellbreakers- definitely losing steam, realizing I need to work on better white, black, grey separations and less clutter.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wrapping up Hellbreakers

Wrapping up Hellbreakers as other projects mount on the horizon. Here we have Tin and company forming a catapult and firing off into final battle against the horsemen at Luis revamped castle. Designing a used car lot type facade was interesting.

Here we have the combined forces who will stand against hell discussing the battle plan atop some lovely car skewers. I have never drawn so many cars in one place in such detail. Sort of a fun challenge.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Revenge of the Massive Two Page Splash!

I've always been a fan of the massive two page spread splash page so I tend to include a couple in all my Mega Event War For Arcadia work. While they may be time consuming- usually clocking in at around 10 hours- the results are difficult to argue with. I find I have more fun adding minute details and props to flesh out a setting than simply half assing it- or as is the common practice in modern comics- leaving backgrounds out entirely.

Our heroes have arrived in Hell Throne Room to face Lewis and his Four Horsemen- Plague Sin, Famine Liza, Death Anthrax and War Astorite. They're about to have a vicious throwdown but first they must exchange their witty repartee.

And the Heroes who will stand against them all stitched together thanks to Fivelein!

Stay tuned for more pages and possibly a printed book in time for WizardWorld Chicago.

Friday, July 30, 2010

More Arcadia!

I'm having a blast designing the realms of Hell, there are no limits, its a total playground of horrific images and ideas. The Tinwoodsman rallies the betrayed Renegades to his cause.

Team Slow and Glass Dog cross paths with the Hellbreakers and discuss matters of life and death.

More to come!

Great Success! More Arcadia Pages!

So my In Store last Saturday at Tony and Sue's went as well as could be expected. I sold almost 100 prints, did about 30 commissions on the spot and booked a few more art gigs. Of course having so many people come out to show their support and passion for art and comics was amazing. I am quite grateful to all who came out.

When I'm not busy taking care of more commissions, I've been devoting most of my time to War for Arcadia. Its up to my team to resolve the plot lines of about 20 creators in one massive finale. Here are the most recent works.

Here three teams of heroes join forces to formulate a plot to escape hell, kill the devil and save Arcadia.

This is where the Hellbreakers receive their Holy weapons and armor from the angel Xandriel.